Meet the Quantum Q47, a high-end tube microphone made only by the best materials and components. If you love old german classic microphones you will instantly feel at home recording audio and you will achieve similar result with this microphone. The sound could best be described as warm, present, smoooth, controlled and with no sibilance. It will work perfect for vocals and all acustic instrument. The microphone handles the transients in very natural and pleasent way. Just like the old times. The microphone is constructed in Sweden and we only make a very limited amount of batches.


The human voice is a marvelously intricate instrument, boasting an array of tonalities and frequencies. Embracing this complexity, we embark on a profound journey when capturing speech and vocals. Enter the Quantum Q47, an excellent tool for recording voiceovers, vocals, and acoustic instruments alike. With its unparalleled capability, it transforms recordings into a symphony of smoothness, presence, and clarity, devoid of any distracting sibilance. Let the Quantum Q47 elevate your recordings to new heights, igniting the passion and essence within each sound.


We only use high quality components made in Europe to ensure we can build a microphone for you that is worth investing in. Our microphone features a custom made high grade M7 PVC capsule, NOS Siemens Vacuum Tube, custom made Lundhal Transformer and Siemens Capacitor. The surface of the bodywork is treated with ceracoting on high grade aluminium, stainless steel and brass.


Vacuum Tube: Siemens NOS

Transformer: English custom built BV08

Siemens output capaitor

Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Maximum SPL 127 dB

Nose Level:  -80 dB.

Weight: 667 grams

Dimensions: 26×6 cm

Current 0,5 A

Power supply: Rugged metal enclosure, 230/115 volt, Binder och XLR Neutrik contacts.

Included shockmount and 7 meter Gotham multicable & Binder contacts.

Optional mount: Swiwelmount with Gothham multicable & Binder contacts. 


Male Voice – Q47 M7

Male Voice – Vintage U47 M7 PVC Berlin

12 String Guitar – Q47 M7 12

12 String Guitar – Vintage U47 M7 PVC

Drums – Q47 M7

Drums – Vintage U87

Shaker – Q47 m7

Shaker – Vintage U87

Voice Elvis – Q47 M7

Voice Elvis – Vintage U87